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Keepsake DNA Pricing

Artifact testing is a last resort, a true genealogy "brick wall" smasher.  If you can send your relative’s saliva in a tube to a company that tests 1,000 samples at a time, try that first.  Extracting DNA from artifacts must be done one at a time, and – to get the best results – requires equipment so advanced that most crime labs do not even have it.

As noted elsewhere (Services), there are two general phases of artifact testing.  The pricing below is for Phase 1 Quantification, (determining whether there is enough usable DNA to perform) Phase 2 sequencing.  (This is sometimes called genotyping, but with the FGx is more correctly referred to as sequencing).

*All pricing in U.S. dollars.

PRICING FOR PHASE 1 (DNA Extraction and Quantification)

  • Preliminary DNA Reporting $350

  • Bone/Teeth pre-processing $400

  • Porous material pre-processing $425

PRICING FOR PHASE 2 (Sequencing)

  • Whole Genome Sequencing $2400

  See Services and FAQ for further information

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