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Our Partners

We seek out like-minded partners who share our vision and together we try to make justice more attainable with collaboration and advanced technology

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The M-Vac System is a wet-vacuum based forensic DNA collection device that is helping investigators solve more crime. It has been used on dozens of cases and has produced DNA profiles numerous times when traditional methods such as swabbing and cutting have failed to produce viable results. It is ideal for touch DNA scenarios, and can capture many times more DNA material than other methods from porous surfaces like clothing or other fabrics as well as rough surfaces such as rock, brick or concrete. Investigators who are using the M-Vac System are seeing impressive results and are moving many cases forward.

The M-VAC team was able to tour Intermountain Forensics and we are more than impressed! We’re looking forward to a great relationship with them! 
-Jared Bradley - CEO of M-Vac Systems

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