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A big "THANK YOU" to Qiagen for an amazing donation!

This is Derek and Danny standing in front of a recent addition to the laboratory. Behind us is a Qiagen EZ1 Advanced XL. It is an automated extraction instrument that is used to "pop" open cells, pull the DNA out and clean it up for further downstream testing. It is a staple of most modern forensic laboratories.

This instrument boasts a list price of $56,000.

Qiagen donated this instrument to our laboratory!

We would like to thank Qiagen for the generous donation as well as providing us with some generous pricing on another new instrument in our lab, the Qiagen Qiacube Connect.

These instruments are going to improve our ability to process both cold cases and sexual assault evidence. We are so excited to put them to good use.

We would like to personally thank Qiagen and specifically call out Bryan Davis and Mark Guilliano for their support, assistance and friendship.

It's partners like this that will help lead us to success. Thank you!

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