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Another BIG Donation and Training: Qiagen

We admit, we have a pretty "Wildly Audacious Goal" in our vision for this NonProfit Forensic DNA Lab. We feel like we can do some amazing things!

That is why it is so inspiring when our partners in this journey buy into our vision and want to do whatever they can to help us to make that vision a reality. We would like to again thank Qiagen for the generous donation of a SECOND EZ1 ADVANCED XL INSTRUMENT!

Thank you so much!

Our lab staff also spent the week with Bryan Davis and Josh Abernathy completing our training in Qiagen instruments (EZ1 Advanced XL, QiaCube Connect) and chemistry (Investigator, Quantiplex, Investigator and Investigator GO!).

We are so grateful to Qiagen. They have really helped us immensely in getting off the ground and jump starting out training and validation. We're on track and rolling this week running a TON of samples!

In the immortal words of our friend Bryan, let's "do cool stuff"!


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