Our Progress

We firmly believe in transparency, and in acknowledging the historic nature of this project, we will be documenting our work extensively.  This page will be updated often as we move throughout the 3 phases of proposed work.

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The first phase of the project should take about a month to complete.  This includes receiving the materials, extraction and then quantification of DNA from the materials in order to create a DNA profile.



This phase should take about 42-60 days after the processing tasks have been completed.  This includes reviewing the DNA profiles recreated and conducting genomic sequencing in order to create a comprehensive DNA profile of the individual remains being tested.

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This is the longest phase of our project and will take 60-120 days after phase 2 is completed.  Once a comprehensive DNA profile is created it then goes to our team of Forensic Genetics Genealogists to create family trees and identify potential descendants.