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Bonecrusher is active: Tissuelyser II validation complete

The new strategy for Intermountain Forensics to process bone and teeth, the Qiagen tissuelyser II has been approved for casework use and we are excited to see it in action. From our validation data, the Tissuelyser II does as good or in most cases better at DNA yields from bone and teeth. We worked together hand-in-hand with members of the Qiagen and Verogen team to dial in the best process we could manage.

We feel very confident

We would be remiss if we didn't include a special shoutout to Rachel Houston and the Sam Houston State University forensics team. They provided us with data and, most importantly, a human bone to help us validate the system. Thank you SO much for the asistance.

Another big thank you to Josh Abernathy, Bryan Davis and Meredith Turnbough for all of the support and collaboration. Between Alyssa, Derek, myself and this group of scientists, we feel we have the best option out there to yield good results from bone and teeth samples.

(Plus it looks really cool in slow mo!)


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