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[Case Resolution] Dekalb County, AL John Doe Identified as Rainbow Canyon King

Intermountain Forensics (IMF) is honored to join the Dekalb County Sheriff's Office ( and Moxxy Forensics ( to announce that skeletal remains discovered in a wooded area in rural DeKalb County, Alabama, on December 21, 1991 have been confirmed to be that of Rainbow Canyon King.

More information regarding the details of this case can be found in the Dekalb County Sheriff's announcment:

As well as the Moxxy Forensics solves page:

We are foreven grateful for the trust and cooperation given to our laboratory by our amazing partners in their unyielding efforts to continue to provide names to those souls that have been lost over the years. Intermountain Forensics' joins the Dekalb County Sheriff's Office and Moxxy Forensics in giving our warmest and heartfelt condolences to the Rainbow's family and friends and loved ones.

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