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Forensic DNA Quantification : Validation Complete

Today we finished our validation of two DNA quantification systems and our Quant Studio 5 instrument (Qiagen Quantiplex Pro and Applied Biosystems Quantifiler Trio). As always, summaries of our validation can be found on our website (

Now that our DNA Extraction and DNA Quantification are implemented, we can begin casework on the samples we have received thus far. We will likely run our first two batches of samples/cases tomorrow (July 8, 2020) and hopefully have our preliminary DNA reports to our clients by the end of the following week provided no rework is needed.

This will have our casework prepared and staged for our implementation of the Verogen Next Generation Sequencing MiSeq FGX which we still hope to complete in August.

Here's a video on how Quantification with qPCR (sometimes also called real time PCR) works:

It's pretty advanced but can help to understand what is happening. We use a "TaqMan" assay in Qiagen Quantiplex Pro and Applied Biosystems Quantifiler Trio.

We'd like to thank Amie Ingold and Peterjon McAnany from Applied Biosystems for all of their help to get us rolling on Quantifiler Trio as well as some really fantastic pricing on our Quant Studio 5 instrument

As well, again, Bryan Davis and Josh Abernathy from Qiagen helped us get our Quantiplex Pro validation implemented and ready to roll.

Let's do some casework!!


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