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IMF partners with Lakehead University for DNA extraction of extremely challenging samples!

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Intermountain Forensics is pleased to announce that we've formed a partnership with Lakehead University Paleo-DNA laboratory! This service will provide DNA extraction and quantification of some of the most challenging DNA samples like bone, teeth and tissue.

It is partnerships like this that allow us to identify the best pathway to getting results for the most difficult samples in forensics. Intermountain Forensics has some of the most cutting edge forensic tools available, but, with 25+ years of Paleo-DNA experience, it would be foolish for us to not utilize and partner with such an experienced group of scientists.

IMF will add pricing for this service on our website in the next update. We are very excited to see how we can "change the world" in extraction of difficult samples alongside our new Canadian friends and colleagues.

Things are moving in an awesome direction for this lab and the clients we serve. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we hit the ground running with our Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy laboratory processing!

About Lakehead University's Paleo-DNA Laboratory:

The Lakehead University Paleo-DNA Laboratory, established in 1996, is an academic laboratory offering external services through the Lakehead University Centre for Analytical Services (LUCAS). Our facility is located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. We were one of the first Canadian laboratories to develop and offer training in mitochondrial DNA analysis techniques. The laboratory provides three functions: research, services and teaching. We have been pioneers in the application and training of modern molecular genetic techniques and technologies to the study of archaeological, degraded and Paleo-DNA. Several biotech companies, DNA service and forensic labs have extensively used the Paleo-DNA Laboratory as the source for staff training and new employee recruitment. The Paleo-DNA Laboratory analyzes samples from various partner companies and institutions from around the world. Our DNA laboratory is specifically designed to accommodate low-copy number or degraded samples. Our commitment to contamination control and high standards emphasizes the reliability of results produced at the Paleo-DNA Laboratory.

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