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Let's change the world! (GoFundMe Campaign)

We're now getting closer to the completion of our preparations for opening the doors to our laboratory. In this time of isolation and social distancing that the COVID-19 pandemic have, I believe we all have become introspective of what we can do to help each other in crisis. While our laboratory can't test COVID-19 samples, we have taken the time to focus on a crisis that has been going on for quite some time, the sexual assault kit backlog. It is a prime focus of our lab. We believe that a public/private partnership of grant money, public donations and law enforcement funding can work together to Public crime labs are overwhelmed. Private forensic labs require money directly from law enforcement agencies that are already facing tight budgets. It's time for the communities of this country to come together to find the resources we need to tackle this backlog! It takes startup seed money to build this laboratory. As we pay off startup loans and purchase automation, we make processing these kits a little less expensive. If you believe in what we are doing as much as we do, please consider a donation. I know times are hard, but we're now weeks away from opening and we want to be make as large an impact as we can to change the world and provide justice to those who deserve it!

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