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Just checking in

It's been some of the most trying times of our lives in our country right now. On top of that, our laboratory staff has been extraordinarily busy getting our procedures and processes ready to go.

In these crazy times, we just want to wish everyone our warmest thoughts and hope that everyone is safe and healthy as these extraordinary events go on around us. From protests to pandemic, this is not normal and we've been so consumed with getting our lab up and running we didn't want to go without acknowledging the pain and difficulties out there in the world.

We promise to be more communicative when things calm down in our laboratory implementation and we get to a more regular "day to day" cadence.

For now... here is a picture of a puppy in a cup to perhaps make you smile just a little today.

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep trying to change the world into a better one!! We'll do our best to help out where we can.


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