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Keepsake Genetic Genealogy Files coming today!

Hello Keepsake DNA friends! We wanted to update you on some exciting progress for some of you who have been infinitely patient as you await your genetic genealogy results. We have about 10 samples that we have finalized, we have genetic genealogy upload files for and we will begin sending them over to you via drop box transfer (the genetic genealogy files can get VERY large) this afternoon.

I'd like to first show my appreciation for all of the patience. This has not been an easy process and has been riddled with "speedbumps" as we find the right partners and technologies to get this working effectively.

Going forward, we will commit to a MUCH quicker and more transparent process as Intermountain Forensics takes over in-house processing of all of the different components of the testing.

We now have the right processes and instrumentation in place. We no longer have to rely on external laboratories to do the work for us. That definitely impacted us as we waited for months to receive our results and distribute them.

We will keep you updated and be very transparent in pricing, processing and helping you make the right choices for your sample.

Thank you for your trust, your patience and your support. Together we are going to build something special that will help this community with their genetic genealogy journey.

If there are any questions, please reach out!


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