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New Team Member: Alyssa McElreath, Forensic Molecular Biologist

An exciting new addition to our family this week, as I would like to welcome a friend, colleague, dedicated and passionate investigator, Alyssa McElreath!

Alyssa will be spearheading our front end processing by spearheading the installation of our case management procedures and software. She will be an integral voice in our case consultations and will be a primary lab scientist working to process samples in our wet lab.

I have known her since she was a crime scene investigator and had the pleasure to hire her as a Forensic Serologist at Sorenson Forensics. Her dedication, passion and hard work makes her a joy to work alongside. As a business owner, she shares our passion to help the community to tackle forensic case backlogs and provide peace and justice to victims in cold cases and sexual assault violence.

Welcome Alyssa to the lab everyone! I am so happy and excited that she chose to be a part of this dream and our IMF family!

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