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Peggy Anne Dodd

This is Peggy Anne Dodd. Our laboratory is joining the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office to announce that, as a result of an exhaustive investigation and collaboration, we were able to finally identify her and give her back her name.

The Intermountain Forensics Laboratory is truly honored to have assisted in this process. We believe it is important to give some background into this story to highlight the incredible work of our investigative and laboratory partners and provide some details into the hard work, collaboration and dedication of those involved.

Peggy Dodd's body was found on December 22, 1984 in Fort Bend County, Texas.

Since that moment, the Fort Bend County Sheriff's investigators have spent decades trying to fit the pieces of an intricate puzzle together with only minimal information including approximate height, age, weight, and clothing located with the remains.

When this investigation came to our laboratory, I can say without hesitation that we spent countless hours in constant communication with Detective Scott Minyard and the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office investigators as well as in the lab to scour the evidence, work every item and explore every technology. Together, we brought in partners to help: Astrea Forensics took a rootless hair and helped us turn it into a genetic genealogy profile. Utah Cold Case Coalition volunteer Genetic Genealogists turned that profile into a genealogy lead. Harris County Coroner's Office collaborated to ensure we had all we needed to confirm this was, indeed, Peggy Dodd's body.

To finally find the name of this soul, Peggy Anne Dodd, was the result of hard work, never giving up and amazing collaboration. Having witnessed it first hand, I want to describe the passion and "never give up" attitude that I have experienced with all of the partners that yielded this result.

We truly believe that this level of collaboration and dedication is something that will see us, working together, find names for those lost souls that are yet unidentfied.

We promise to never stop trying and we are inspired and energized by our partners that together we can change the world!

Thank you to Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office, Astrea Forensics, Utah Cold Case Coalition and Harris County Medical Examiner.

To the family and friends of Peggy Dodd, we can only offer our esteem hope that this work has allowed for some peace and healing. You have our warmest thoughts and support from all of us at the Intermountain Forensics Laboratory family.


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