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Preparing for growth!

Let's change the world.. together!

The IMF family would like to introduce some changes that we believe will lead us into our laboratory's next phase.. growth! The lab has been very busy and we have reached the point where we are ready to transition from building the core of the lab to expanding that core to meet the needs of our mission and our partners. To do that, we have made some changes to our organizational structure and made a couple of really exciting promotions:

We have promoted Senior DNA Analyst Derek Cutler to Director of Laboratory Operations. Derek is ready to lead our laboratory operations. For those of you that do not know, Derek Cutler is the hardest working, kindest, most helpful and operationally efficient person we've ever had the opportunity to work with. Derek will take over the Laboratory Director duties from me (Danny Hellwig) and ensure we're a well-oiled, efficient and qualty driven team.

To assist Derek in coordination and management of laboratory operations, Elena Rojas has been promoted to Laboratory Manager. Elena has been essential to keep the lab running smoothly and work with multiple partners to ensure they are updated and informed of the progress of their samples through the lab. We will now be counting on her to keep the laboratory processes flowing efficiently and effectively to meet the needs of those who use our services.

Personally, I (Danny) will be taking on a new title: Director of Laboratory Development. My job will be to consult and assist those who use our services, establish and grow our partnerships and connect our lab to the community we serve. Perhaps most importantly, the Director of Laboratory development will facilitate the addition of new technology into the laboratory and help educate the team, our clients, the forensic DNA community and all of our stakeholders. Make no mistake, I will still continue to work as a qualified Forensic DNA Analyst as well to keep the needs of our team and the community focused!

Intermountain Forensics is also nearing a decision on the hiring of our new DNA Technical Leader who will lead the quality system of the laboratory and ensure we exceeding all quality expectations. Until then, Danny will continue to serve as the DNA TL.

Should you have any questions, need our services or want to discuss potential cases, partnerships or products, you can reach Danny at or use our generic information e-mail

We look forward to an exciting transition. Keep an eye on this space for more updates. They will be coming fast and furious from this point on!


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