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Kevin Lord appointed as Director of Bioinformatics at Intermountain Forensics

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

We are delighted to announce that Kevin Lord is joining Intermountain Forensics as our new Director of Bioinformatics. Kevin brings a wealth of experience in investigative genetic genealogy and bioinformatics to the team. He has performed bioinformatics analysis of sequencing data for hundreds of samples for the purpose of investigative genetic genealogy, leading to over 70 case solves. He has also acted as case manager for dozens of cases, and is well-known for his numerous media appearances.

As Director of Bioinformatics, Kevin will be responsible for providing bioinformatics for our forensic investigative genetic genealogy work in identifying unknown human remains and suspects in violent cold case crimes. He will also work closely with our team to ensure accurate and timely analysis of DNA data. As well, with his expertise, our laboratory intends to pursue research and development opportunities to improve the results for more difficult and complex evidentiary items to aid difficult casework investigations.

We are excited to welcome Kevin to our team, and look forward to the contributions he will make with his expertise in bioinformatics and investigative genetic genealogy.

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