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The next era in sequencing: a little bit about the new instrument!

This is a breakthrough, game changing science and it's now beginning to be leveraged for Foensic DNA! Sequencing the entire genome yields 500,000+ locations on the DNA to produce genetic genealogy results. It It's difficult to explain the significance of the Illumina Novaseq 6000 when it comes to molecular biology and forensic DNA, but, this is the pinnacle of technology and we believe, strongly, that the best technology is required to get the best results on the most difficult cases.

As well, this has the ability to do so many things all at once! Genetic genealogy could also yield STR/YSTR and more forensic DNA profiles. It's the future forensic DNA.. and it's here today.. and we have it in our lab!

Please take a look at this video. If this doesn't get you excited for this technology, nothing will!

Let's change the world!


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