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Transparency is the key to trust

If you are comfortable with your current level of transparency, you are not transparent enough. We want to earn your trust! To do that, we are going to be very transparent in how we operate.

As such, we are going to post our Policies, Procedures, Audits, Corrective Actions and Validations to our website for your review, critique and feedback.

As we get closer to opening our doors, more of these documents will be controlled and posted. I would ask for patience as there's a lot to do and these things will trickle onto the website as we lock them down and post them.

Two of our most important documents are now posted. Our Vision and Mission and our General Laboratory Processing policy. I know it's asking a lot, but I would appreciate feedback and critique. We welcome it! Standardization to "best practice" is going to be a key to "highest possible quality" blended with efficiency and affordability. We've taken as much feedback as we can to craft these policies but this is not just us, this is a collective effort and we want to work together with the Forensic community, Law Enforcement, Prosecuting and Defense Attorneys, scientific experts and our supporters as a whole to help us continually improve.

One caveat. Confidentiality is absolute! We will never divulge confidential information about anyone's submission status, submitter information or any of the details of a case or it's testing to anyone but those specifically allowed by our submitter(s). That is a sacred trust that we will not break! But we commit to opening our operations to maximum transparency and your review and feedback. We want to be the best lab in the world and we cannot do that without your trust, your guidance and your support. Please click on the link below and have a look!


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