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We are working cases! Evidence processing has begun.

This week, on July 8, 2020, Intermountain Forensics began working 'live' forensic cases for the first time, examining evidence and preparing it for Forensic DNA processing. It was a momentous occasion and the byproduct of years of planning and crazy amounts of blood, sweat and tears. Yesterday, July 9, 2020, we ran casework samples through DNA extraction on our EZ1 Advanced XL for the first time. We expect our first preliminary lab report will go out to our clients next week. Our clients are our partners in this endeavor and we appreciate the trust and support they give us. We've got cases from the south (Texas), east (Connecticut), west (Washington State) and local (Utah) queued up and in process. It's amazing to think that is possible after I walked into this scene 9 months ago:

In short, we are now in active operations and we cannot be more excited!

I (Danny Hellwig, the lab director and technical leader) would like to thank a few people personally. To the small initial IMF team, Derek Cutler and Alyssa McElreath I offer my extreme thanks and steadfast appreciation. It is an honor to work beside such amazing and passionate people. We have truly created a family and our future would not be possible without the dedication, hard work and friendship we have fostered.

To Karra Porter and all of the Utah Cold Case Coalition team, supporters and volunteers I offer my humble appreciate for the forethought, leadership and support (financial and spiritual) that you have offered. We wouldn't be here without you!

To Francine Bardole... you were right. It was fate. This was destined to happen and you are a principle reason why this all came together. I appreciate you more than I can express.

To all those that have helped us get where we are, so far, we appreciate you. Craig Nolde, Meredith Turnbough, Bryan Davis, Trinh Nguyen, Amie Ingold, Josh Abernathy, Peterjon, McAnany, Anna McMullin, Bobby LaRue, Elena Rojas, Amy Vass, Whitney Orr-Hellwig and countless others who support us, have helped us and continue to encourage us. Thank you!

Onward we go... this dream is now a reality but we have a ton of work yet to do. There will be bumps along the way alongside successes and triumphs to be cherished, but we will keep progressing.. together.

Justice for all, no exceptions!


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Thank you, Danny. I knew from the moment the idea of this lab was presented, you were the one who could help make this all happen. Thank you, Karra, and all those who were part of the inception of this dream. Who took the courage to think outside of the box. All those who are part of the team are an answer to the prayers of so many families. Law enforcement now has hope that their cold cases can now be solved through the best technologies and methods without facing the financial burdens they have once faced when trying to solve them. It was indeed meant to be.

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