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We are strong together!

COVID19 is mean! But we're strong together!

I feel a bit reflective this Friday morning. We're closing in on the opening day for the lab and it feels a bit like a trudging through mud to the finish line. The virus, social distancing and all of the stress of starting a new lab from scratch is overwhelming at times.

That's when the little things inspire me the most. My neighborhood has sprouted some inspirational signs to keep us moving through these trying times. This one is right in my front yard. We'll get there! Patience, persistence, family and friends will get us through all of this. I am constantly inspired by our team and all the support from all of you that have been heaped upon us. Thank you!

As a lab update, we're installing our electronic security locks, signing off our DNA Extraction and Quantification validation, finalizing the configuration of our Laboratory Information System/Chain of Custody (thank you to Alicia Rairden from and doing a last review on our Standard Operating Procedures before we open the doors to evidence.

We had hoped to open on DNA Day, April 25, but COVID-19 put a dark cloud over that plan. We're close! The team got together yesterday and we estimate 2 weeks delay.

It's been a ton of work and a lot of stress in these trying times... but We're Strong Together!

Stay safe! Stay healthy!


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