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The power of forensic DNA should never allow a victim’s justice to go cold.


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We will strive to ensure the full power of Forensic DNA will always be…


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Next Generation Sequencing:
MiSeq FgX

At Intermountain Forensics, we employ the most advanced technology tools to aid investigations.  Next Generation Sequencing provides a variety of forensically relevant information in one single test.  From hair and eye color to ancestry information and even genetic genealogy.

We will help you unleash the full power of Forensic DNA!

Sexual Assault Backlog Reduction

End the backlog:

We are committed to providing a resource to the countless victims of sexual violence that are awaiting their justice.  We are committed to employing process efficiency and exploring new technologies to maximize the capacity to analyze this crucial evidence.

We will do everything in our power to reduce the sexual assault kit backlog to zero!

Forensic DNA


Traditional Forensic DNA Testing:

We intend to be a supplement to Forensic DNA crime laboratories around the world.  There are times when "cutting edge" is not needed yet there just aren't enough resources to get cases processed with traditional DNA testing methods.  We will assist those organizations such as Law Enforcement, Victim Advocacy Groups and the Innocence Project to get evidence worked.  Whenever possible we will offer this service FREE or at reduced cost.

We are your partner to get these cases tested in the most efficient and affordable way possible!

Forensic Genetic Genealogy


We believe that forensic genetic genealogy is the future of cold case investigation.  We intend to help progress the population of this database in every way possible.  We will assist you in generating a Genetic Genealogy profile to upload to the database or help you to upload your 23andme and/or results.

We will also generate forensic genealogy data from evidence and assist the search with our genetic genealogist partners.

#DNAOptIn to make this database a powerful investigative tool!

Case Consults

Our expertise at your fingertips.

Even the most skilled investigators struggle to understand the complexities and technical specifics of forensic DNA.  We are here to explain the forensic DNA process, work with you to help you decide how and what evidence to test and decipher your complicated DNA results.  We intend to be a member of your team to give you access to our experts when you need us!

Let us help you navigate the Forensic DNA process!



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