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New Team Member: Francine Bardole, Forensic Cold Case Consultant

We welcome a new volunteer team member to the IMF Family! Francine Bardole has graciously offered to donate her time and extensive talents to our team.

Francine has an absolute passion for solving cold cases!

She brings twenty-five-plus years in the field of Criminal Justice to the Intermountain Forensics team. She has invested the past fifteen years becoming an expert in her field of Crime Scene Investigation and Forensics, educating students and investigators, helping solve cold cases,  discovering and implementing a superior tool for collecting DNA and

giving a voice to silent victims.  Francine will be our conduit to the law enforcement community. She will act as a our primary cold case investigator and will initiate, coordinate and apply her expertise in case consultations with our Law Enforcement partners to understand the status of the cold case investigation and what the IMF lab can do to help.

I have worked with her for the past 10 years and I can honestly say there is no more passionate, kind and dedicated an individual as I have ever met in my career. I am honored to have her aboard our team.

Please give her a warm welcome and thank her for her generosity!


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