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Forensic DNA Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Intermountain Forensics is committed to transparency in our policies and procedures.  While we will always maintain absolute confidentiality to our clients and their cases, we will provide as much transparency to our laboratory as we are able.

As such, our active policies and procedures will be posted to our website for review, comments, critiques and suggestion.  

We welcome your feedback!

Forensic Partners


Intermountain Forensics is believes that strong partnerships are the key to providing all of the services, support and science that is required to provide justice and #endthebacklog.

We search out like minded industries and cutting edge technologies.  Please take some time to check out the list of companies that support us and help us do what we do.


We're in this together!



Intermountain Forensics is dedicated to providing cutting edge Forensic DNA science.

We believe our validations and implementations should be easily available to the forensic community.  This allows review and feedback by external entities critical for assessors/auditors of our laboratory. 


We also provide this information as a free service to all that may be aided by the contents or outputs of our validations!

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