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Check out our pricing.

We're now displaying our pricing on our webpage. I want to highlight a few things.

-We are supplemented by grants and donations. This is passed directly to our casework feeds.

-We will adjust our prices quarterly.

-We are not here to replace public crime labs, but only to supplement on cases that fit within our vision.

-Cost + 15% for Cold Cases, Sexual Assault Kits and Unidentified Bodies. Cost + 30% for everything else.

-We will invest our surcharge above our cost in our lab to keep quality high and technology cutting edge.

We hope with your help we can continue to lower our prices as we 1) pay down our capital investments for the lab startup costs, 2) enhance and increase our donations from the public, 3) continue to investigate any available grant opportunities that may help us 4) improve the efficiency of the laboratory to reduce our internal costs and 5) increase the amount of casework coming into the lab to spread our operating costs over a larger amount of samples.

There will be an update to our pricing each quarter beginning July 1. We are asking for help and discussion on these policies and reducing our costs. Anything we can do to achieve our dream of a FREE laboratory, we will strive for and humbly request your help to make reality.

Thank you!


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