Intermountain Forensics is a non-profit laboratory

committed to providing AFFORDABLE Forensic DNA services.



Pre-processing and testing of samples that occurs prior to DNA extraction

M-Vac evidence collection (per M-Vac filter) - $260

Bone pre-processing (per bone) - $195

Semen testing (per item) - $35


Saliva testing (per item) - $35

DNA Extraction.jpeg

Preliminary DNA

Forensic DNA Extraction, Quantification and generation of a preliminary DNA report

Non-Differential DNA Extraction & Quantification - $290

(this DNA extraction technique is used on items that do not contain sperm/semen)

Differential DNA Extraction & Quantification - $310

(this extraction technique is used on items that potentially contain sperm/semen)


Forensic DNA Profile - NGS

Generation of a DNA profile (both STR and YSTR) using Next-Generation Sequencing

DNA Profile - $485

Differential DNA Profile  - $615

(This is used on differential extracts which include epithelial (skin) cell and sperm cell samples)

DNA black.jpeg

DNA Profile - Traditional CE

Generation of a DNA profile (STR or YSTR) using traditional forensic DNA

Traditional STR Profile - $245

Traditional Differential DNA profile - $275

(This is used on differential extracts which include epithelial (skin) cell and sperm cell samples)

Traditional Known/Reference STR Profile - $135

Traditional Y-STR Profile - $335

(Y-STR testing is development of a DNA profile using only DNA found on the male Y-Chromosome)

DNA profile.jpeg

Genetic Genealogy Profile

Generation of a genetic genealogy profile that can be uploaded to a database (GEDmatch etc.)

Forensic SNP Genetic Genealogy (Kintelligence) - $1690

(10,230 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP); 9,867 kindship, 56 ancestry, 94 identity, 22 phenotype, 106 x-chromosome, 85 y-chromsome performed at Intermountain Forensics laboratory)

Forensic WGS Genetic Genealogy (Whole Genome Sequencing) - $2390

(Approx. 500-700k+ SNPs, sex determination, contamination/mixture check, mtDNA/Y-DNA haplogroup information, Y-STRs, admixture (ancestry)

Sexual Assault Kit

Sexual Assault Kit Evidence

Sexual assault kit processing to help end the backlog

Sexual Assault Kit Processing: Negative (No DNA) - $435

Sexual Assault Kit Processing: Positive (DNA Profile) - $880

Sexual Assault Kit Processing: Bulk Ship - $755

(Pricing for Sexual Assault Kits submitted in quantities of 30 or more. Each case of the bulk shipment, negative and positive cases, are charged at the same rate)


Professional Services

Testimony and case review

Testimony (per hour) - $150

Case Review (per hour) - $150

Updated: October 5, 2021
Scheduled Update: January 1, 2022


PRELIMINARY REPORT: Preliminary report includes DNA Extraction and Quantification (Stop at Quant).  A laboratory report is issued to provide invaluable information about further testing, if any.  Decisions on whether and how to proceed are made in case consultation with IMF staff.

SEXUAL ASSAULT KITS: Pricing based on Intermountain Forensics Sexual Assault Kit processing policy. 

CASE CONSULTATION: Forensic DNA Casework is a collaborative process.  We want to assure you that any consultation before, during or after case processing will be free of charge (1hour).


DNA Signature includes CODIS approved Short Tandem Repeats (STR), Y Chromosome STRs (YSTR), X Chromosome STRs (XSTR) and identity Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (iSNP).


DNA Signature + includes CODIS STR, YSTR, XSTR, iSNP as well as phenotypical SNPs (eye color, hair color etc) and ancestry informative SNPs.



Seminal Fluid Identification: RSID-Seminal Fluid 

Saliva Identification: RSID-Saliva

Bone Pre-processing using the Qiagen Tissuelyser II

DNA Extraction

Extraction Kit: Qiagen DNA Investigator Kit

Extraction Liquid Handling Robot: Qiagen EZ1 Advanced XL

Differential Extraction Liquid Handling Robot: Qiacube Connect

DNA Quantification

Quantification Kit(s): Qiagen Investigator Quantiplex Pro (default), Applied Biosystems Quantifiler Trio DNA Quantification Kit

Quantification Instrument: Applied Biosystems Quant Studio 5

Traditional DNA Profile

Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Amplification Kit(s): Applied Biosystems Globalfiler (default), Qiagen Investigator 24Plex, Promega Powerplex Fusion, Promega Powerplex Fusion 6C

Traditional DNA Profile Instrument(s): Applied Biosystems ProFlex PCR SystemApplied Biosystems 3500 Genetic Analyzer

Y-Chromosome Short Tandem Repeat (YSTR) Amplification Kit(s): Applied Biosystems Y-Filer+

Next Generation Sequencing

NGS kits(s): Verogen ForenSeq DNA Signature Prep Kit

NGS genetic genealogy kits(s): Verogen Kintelligence

NGS Instrument: Verogen MiSeq FGX