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Opening Monday, May 11, 2020

Light at the end of the tunnel... Utah style!

The light at the end of the tunnel is starting to get brighter. As of Monday, May 11, 2020 we will be able to accept evidence! If you have been saving up cases to send to us, this will be your opportunity to send things over. We have our security set, our evidence policies and protocols locked down and our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and Chain of Custody (CoC) software, JusticeTrax ( configured for our use.

I will send out an e-mail on Monday with instructions on how to setup an account at our casework portal and have another update on Monday.

Please note. We expect to finalize our validations and protocols for laboratory processing next week and we expect to run the first batch of samples Monday, May 18, 2020. Due to some manufacturing issues at Verogen, we will not have the Verogen DNA Signature and DNA Signature + ancestry/phenotype DNA profiles available for a couple months. Our goal is to get them validated and implemented by July 15.

We will, however, be able to offer DNA extraction and quantification and will give you a preliminary report detailing the amount of DNA available so we can work with you to make the best processing decisions. As well, we can offer traditional DNA processing if this is best for your case. In short, we will work with you to get results and work with you in lock step to find the best path forward!

This is an EXCITING time for us!! We have worked tremendously hard to get here and it's extremely rewarding to have see the light getting brighter at the end of the tunnel!

Thank you to all for your support,


Photo above byJoe Gardner on Unsplash

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