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Privacy vs. Crime Solving

I wanted to take the time to weigh in on a topic that may be on the docket in the Utah Legislature in the next legislative session. The legislation seeks to severely (or even completely) restrict searches of Genetic Genealogy databases.

My personal opinion is this. If I knowingly consent and "opt in" to allow law enforcement to use my information.. if I want to do everything I can to help solve these cold cases and knowingly and without any reservation upload my genetic genealogy information to the GEDMatch database, I should have the right to do so.

What are your thoughts? What is your opinion? Weigh in!! Let's work together to find the "right solution" and lets make sure our legislators know how we feel!

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Reaching out to our legislative representatives would help. My concern is we need the public to know the whole story if possible. For example all babies born in Utah are having their blood taken and stored. DNA swabs are taken and loaded into our DNA databases prior to being found guilty or innocent. Many innocent individuals DNA is in this database. Many do not know they are in this database. If an individual is found innocent, they are not told how to have their DNA removed so it remains in the database. Utah courts are now ordering DNA collection on any and all types of crimes. It appears our national and local governments are supportive of the collection of DNA.

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