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Keepsake DNA


DNA Testing of Ancestral Artifacts

Finally – what hard core genealogists have been waiting for!  Unlock the mysteries of your family’s ancestry and fill the holes in your genealogical tree through the testing of ancestral artifacts such as old envelopes, watches, hats, hair, etc.


Our Services

We’ll test any artifact from which we believe usable DNA may be extracted.  Examples:  Envelopes, hats, hair, eyeglasses, watches, bone, dentures, toothbrushes, jewelry, garments, smoking pipes, tools, lighters, bandages, artificial limbs, chewed gum, etc.

Before requesting testing, we will want to discuss the likelihood that particular extracted DNA belongs to the original owner.  Some items might be ruined by testing, such as the back flap of an envelope.

Testing will be conducted by a United States lab with seasoned personnel and state of the art technology.  We reserve the right to request proof of appropriate possession of items.



Artifact testing is a last resort.  Extracting DNA from artifacts must be done one at a time, and – to get the best results – requires advanced equipment.  As explained elsewhere (Services), there are two general phases of artifact testing:  Phase 1 Quantification (determining whether there is enough usable DNA) and Phase 2 sequencing (running the tests to produce a profile).

About Us

Betty Porter, our founder, has been a genealogist since 1976, in Kansas and now Utah.  Keepsake DNA developed from her own frustrations in finding a place in the United States that would provide genealogical testing of some ancestral artifacts.  In 2022, Intermountain Forensics (a 501(c)(3) non-profit laboratory) purchased Keepsake DNA, coverted it to a non-profit venture and committed to Betty's legacy to provide genetic genealogy testing to  this service to all those who have need of this testing. 


Let’s Work Together

Contact us to get started with your DNA artifact testing.

Tel: 801-904-2230

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